Imo State : The Eastern Heartland.

Imo Cuisine.

The people of Imo state are known for their numerous delicacies.

Just to name a few,

Oha soup

Ofe Onugbu

Ofe Onugbu

and many more delicious 😋 foods.

Imo Attire.

Traditional apparel for the men is an overflowing jumper or a long sleeved shirt worn over the george wrapper which is tied round the waist. It is complimented with a walking stick.
For the women,they wear a blouse worn over a loin cloth which goes with a headtie, ear rings and necklaces.

Imo Festivities.

Imo state has a lot of festivities. I’m only gonna name a few.

Ahiajoku Festival are festivals to usher in the harvest season, which is observed in all the farming communities
The Ikeji is an annual festival of thanksgiving, merriment and propitiation, which comes up either in the month of March or April every year

10 Best Places To Visit In Imo State.

A video on Imo State
imo state
The Eastern Heartland

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