1. Scanfrost 20-LITRE microwave

25,900 naira

The Scanfrost 20-litre microwave is an appliance perfect for warm, crispy and delicious foods. It has a control panel to monitor the microwave and can only cook foods with a glass tray.

2. SCARLET NEW SUPER hand mixer

500 naira

The Scarlet new super hand mixer, A cheap mixer you would not want to skip, wit it’s speed and four utensils specially prepared for mixing, it’s the perfect fit for cooking.

3. LEE BUY ELECTRIC cooking plate

2,690 naira

It may look like an extension wire but do not be fooled by it’s appearance, It helps to cook food smelling great and perfect for liking. The foods it will cook will serve you great delight.


15,000 naira

To be honest, a blender and a grinder are two that can give you less work for making food, and that’s great because 1. You can grind and blend, 2. Making feasts for many people is less difficult than it was and 3. You get some time to focus on other chores, amazing right?

What can you choose to buy, well as Jumia, they will help with all needs necessary.

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