About Us

Technology is fast advancing and our students should not be left behind.

PostLink by LearnbotNG is a free educational platform for students to learn online. From coding with Python, Animation with Scratch, Web design to post and share articles, stories and information online. Users will learn to add contents like texts, images,  tables, columns and sections to develop a well structured website. PostLink is ideal for classroom and self-study. Teachers can teach students web design with our standard and well developed curriculum. Teachers can also add other teachers and students in their schools or private classes while students can learn at home using our free tutorials.

PostLink is strictly educational, users can only join PostLink via requests.

Our Services

We Are Your Favourite IT, STEM Provider.

Learnbot is an IT, STEM education provider with a mission to train and develop young students with passion for technology. Our robotics store Learnbot is the most patronized STEM/Robotics online store in Lagos. You can easily purchase STEM resources like programmable robots, drones, micro-controllers like Arduino, micro-computers like RaspberryPi, components, handtools and lots more for all grade categories (Grade 1-12).

Teachers Training

Intensive teachers training for school teachers in coding, robotics, STEM and web developement.

Training hub

Training hub to train students coding and robotics, STEM during the weekends.

Coding & Robotics

Qualified teachers to teach IT subjects or run a coding and robotics or STEM club.


Prepare students for coding, robotics and STEM competitions home and abroad.

Learn. Design. PostLink!


Education Technology

The aim of PostLink is to improve Web Education. PostLink will improve teaching and learning web design by making it simple and fun

Classroom Curriculum

Simple to use in classrooms to teach students web development. Build a collective post in class, set research homework

Free Tutorials

Just like our platform, all our tutorials are free and easy to use. Documents and video tutorials to get you up and running.


Design beautiful posts without any coding knowledge. PostLink uses a child-friendly drag and drop platform similar to Scratch.